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Welcome to Simply James McAvoy, your fan source for all things James. Here you will find the latest news, images, videos, and much more on James. The first time, I seen James was on Atonement I loved him in that role and since then I have been watching him and even went back and watched all his earlier stuff. He's an awesome actor. His love for Anne Marie and his son. Well that's just an a great thing to see when you're a fan.

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James McAvoy was born on April 21, 1979, in Glasgow, Scotland. The son of a builder and a nurse, he was the product of a broken home before the age of 7 and consequently lived with his Glasgow grandparents James and Mary Johnstone. His first role was the Near Room since then James has become a master at his craft and has been a very intiguing figure in today's entertainment industry.
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 New photos from the Suffragette Premiere (10/7/15): James and Anne attended the Suffragette Premiere, down below you can view a few photos from it. .....
 James Piece by Piece (09/28/15): .....
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James and Anne attended the Suffragette Premiere, down below you can view a few photos from it.

Gallery Link:
Appearances > Other Events > James and Anne at the Suffragette Premiere (London) 10.07.2015

James recently attended the London Martian Premiere with his sister Joy McAvoy. You can view several pics down below.

Gallery Link:
Appearances > Other Events > James and Joy at the UK Martian Premiere (2015)


Every so often we like to do something fun. So I asked a few people if they would be interested in a contest. They said yes. So with that here’s what we are gonna do.

If your interested here’s our contest. Its gonna be fun filled with lots for you to do. If you’re a graphic artist, since we got the trailer now its time to work on fan art. So if you would like to make a graphic for it, whether it be a poster or just a regular banner, icons anything your heart desires feel free.

We would also welcome you to submit your fan fiction. Whether it be RadAvoy (Slash) in Nature, Romantic, Scary. Whatever the cause we need your submissions. Poetry artists: Create a poem about Victor Frankenstein or like our birthday project break it down for each letter of Victor Frankenstein.

If your crafty make a Victor Frankenstein food idea: it could be a dessert, main course, or an appetizer. A plus if you use bacon. Your choice.

Also if you would like to make a t shirt or a homemade banner out of paper. We would love to add those as well. The prizes will be announced sometime in October. So you have lots of time to think about it.

Victor Frankenstein Halloween Contest

Graphic dimensions are your choice. Icons should be 100×100 or 150×150
T-Shirts preferably white use markers or fabric markers. Take a picture wearing it or the shirt.
Poetry and Fan Fiction: Poetry as long as you want. Fan Fiction 3 paragraphs or more no less.
Food: Drinks, Desserts, Main Course, Appetizers. Have fun with it. Pictures of it must be submitted with your recipe.

Send pictures, stories or graphics to make sure to title it “Victor Frankenstein Halloween Contest”