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A New Layout will be coming soon. I am still learning how to code wordpress.

Also there is a new gallery layout thanks to my friend Juliet.

Added 118 pictures to the gallery.

Portraits > set 1- Starter for 10
Portraits > set 1- last king of scotland
Portraits > set 2- Last King Of Scotland
Portraits > set 2 – Penelope
Wanted (2008) > Press Conference
Wanted (2008) > Promotional
The Last King of Scotland (2006) > Stills
Atonement (2007) > screening
Atonement (2007) > Variety Screening
Becoming Jane (2007) > On Set
Festivals > 2006 > The Times BFI London Film Festival Photocall
Interviews > Craig Ferguson
Candids > April 10 – Having Lunch in Prague

More to Come soon.

For the past few days I have been adding photo’s to the gallery. I’ve been working in the Movies section so stills, press conference’s, premieres and whatever promotional stuff I could find have been added. So there is 154 new pictures.


Since I couldn’t get my other layout to work the way i wanted to I created this one instead as you can see I am not very good in wordpress layouts. But I just started so bare with me.

I have been catching up on James Filmography, finally got to see Inside I’m Dancing and Shameless along with Band of Brothers and State of Play. He was very excellent in Shameless along with his with wife. Looks like they were meant to be. Anyways, most of the site is up I just have to fix some links. But other than that everything is where it should be.  Enjoy!

To read the old updates read here.

This site is under construction I have decided to use wordpress for Simply James McAvoy so please be patient. All content will be back to its original form. With a new layout.

This is only temporary until I can make a new layout. I am working on it now. I hope to have it up later today. So Affiliates please don’t remove your links.

Sorry for no updates, I have been gathering stuff for this site. I shall make a gallery update tomorrow. I have not forgotten about James

Thanks to Film Ink for sending me the scans for the July Issue which features James on the Cover.

Finally added all pages to the gallery.

Added Details 2008 Scans.


James McAvoy has been officially nominated for’s Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008 reader’s poll.

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Two Photoshoots now in the gallery.


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