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Washington, (ANI): Scottish actor James McAvoy has signed on to star in Mandate Pictures’ comedic adaptation of the Will Reiser novel “I’m With Cancer”. Nicole Holofcener will direct the flick, and Seth Rogen, who is also producing, will co-star, reports Variety magazine. McAvoy, 30, will play the part of a 25-year-old who learns that he has cancer and successfully battles the disease over several years.

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science opened its ranks to 134 new members on Tuesday. Under academy rules, as many as 166 new members could have been admitted, but the group has been trying to keep the membership trim, at just under 6,000 voting members.

Actors newly admitted are Casey Affleck, Emily Blunt, Michael Cera, James Franco, Brendan Gleeson, Taraji Henson, Emile Hirsch, Hugh Jackman (this year’s Oscar host), Melissa Leo, Jane Lynch, Eddie Marsan, James McAvoy, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Amy Ryan, Michael Shannon, Michelle Williams and Jeffrey Wright.

Newly admitted members from the off-screen categories include the directors Danny Boyle, David Frankel, Rod Lurie and Tyler Perry, among others, along with the executives Daniel Battsek and Claudia Lewis and the producers Russell Smith and Paula Wagner.


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