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I am currently working on a layout change. Since I upgraded to wordpress 2.8, it kinda messed up some of the widgets I use so Elite Affiliates please excuse me as I fix the site. I will hopefully have the site back as soon as the layout change is complete.

Thanks for your patience

Added several new images


Bright Young Things (2003) > posters
Magazines > Red
Magazines > Radio Times
Magazines > OK
Magazines > In Style

And much more

Added 1 new photoshoot.

I had a chance to post some Magazine Scans, and also sorted out the Photoshoots into their correct sets. So I will be adding more soon. Just need to fix what I had and see what I already uploaded.

Added Magazine Scans from:

Daily Telegraph
Vanity Fair

Hope you like the new layout. I plan to upload some photos to the gallery later on today. 🙂

I apologize for putting this site on hold, but I plan to make a new layout for this site and get back into the hang of things. I got photos and more stuff to add. I’ll try and get some of this stuff done for the weekend.

New pics added to the gallery.

Posted new pics-

Three Days of Rain (5 Stills)
Photoshoot- Tobb (13 new additions)

James recently appeared on BBC’s The One Show, here’s a video clip of his interview thanks to

Added 3 stills from the Last Station, I also made some changes to the gallery. Members who haven’t logged in with 6 months were deleted to keep the database current.

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