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Mar 16th

Souce: Scottish Actors

James is featured in the March 2010 issue of GQ Germany.

The blog Scottish Actors has some outtakes. There also one more photo at photographer Roger Moenks’ website.

Mar 8th

Mar 5th

We at HOD Network are planning on upgrading to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or maybe a Dedicated Server with this upgrade we will be able to upload images to the gallery at higher resolutions than we currently do, and we will be able to upload videos at HD (High Definition) Quality with a Sharper Video plus we will have access to upload programs to the server that will allow us to better mange the sites and improve it. These benefits will be available for all our sites. But in order to implement this we will need your help, we would have to put a monthly fee for the site of about $3 dollars now this fee will decrease over time as more and more people join in, if more people join in the price can decrease to a 1 dollar a month to maybe even .25 cents a month. But this all depends on you. If you agree or disagree, please vote on the poll to the left hand side or leave us a comment down below.

Mar 3rd

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Replace James McAvoy in Cancer Comedy MTV Movies Blog is reporting that James McAvoy has dropped out of the previously titled I’m With Cancer due to personal reasons. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will step in to star alongside Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick.

Source: BuzzSugar

Mar 1st

The Hollywood beauty starred as a deadly assassin in the first film, alongside Scottish actor James McAvoy, who recently revealed producers have been working on plans for a sequel.

Jolie wasn’t expected to return for a second film as her character appeared to die at the end of the original movie, but new reports suggest the actress was wanted for the follow-up and her decision not to take part has forced producers to scrap the project altogether.

According to New York Magazine’s Vulture movie blog, bosses at Universal would rather cancel the sequel than recast Jolie’s character.

Jolie is said to have turned down the project to star in Alfonso Cuaron’s new space thriller Gravity, about the lone survivor of a space mission who is desperate to return to Earth to see her daughter.

Source: Hollywood.com

Mar 1st

Added Scans from Nylon Magazine
German Last Station Premiere
UK Last Station Premiere

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