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German Last Station Premiere
UK Last Station Premiere

James is on the cover of the March issue of Nylon Guys and did also did this great interview for the Nylon Magazine TV.

James McAvoy Interview on Nylon Magazine TV

And here’s a little teaser from the article:

Great Scot!
James McAvoy hits NYLON Guys… again.

by LUKE CRISELL, February 8th, 2010

Though he’s shared the screen with Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, and Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy is in no rush to be the next big name.

Stephanie Trong found out firsthand while spending a chilly evening in New York City with the Scottish actor. Here, a few of his secrets.

Why you never hear about him in the tabloids:
“I’ve only had somebody try and take pictures of me outside my house once in my entire life. And they stopped after about half an hour.”

How his resume is impeccable:
“Every now and again, [my agents] thought that I should do something, and I’ve been, ‘What the fuck are you thinking?’ But that’s only happened once or twice in my entire career.”

The co-star that left the biggest impression on him:
“I was intimidated by the humongity—this is a good made-up word—the humongity of Keira’s sort of world presence.”

Why it’s only a matter of time until he wins an Oscar:
“I was very sensitive. Cried easy. Enjoyed crying from an early age. Ehm, not in public. On my own. I think I recognized its therapeutic qualities early on. And then as I came into my teenage years it became very handy ‘cause I could wallow about my lack of girlfriend or general cool or mystique.”

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Three Days Of Rain

James McAvoy, recognised for his performance in Three Days Of Rain at the Apollo theatre,  got nominated for the prestigious Laurence Olivier theatre awards. He´s up against Jude Law, James Earl Jones, Mark Rylance, Ken Stott and Samuel West in the best actor category.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on 21 March.

Source: BBC News

The Last Station Still

Here’s what Michael Hoffman, The Last Station‘s director, has to say about James McAvoy, in the recent article Cult of the Count Tolstoy by David Lamble (Bay Area Reporter)

“I think people feel they’ve watched a movie about this tempestuous marriage between these two titanic personalities, but really the movie is all about the sentimental education of the Valentin character. And this is a remarkable quality that James has, I saw it in The Last King of Scotland,and I immediately went hunting for his phone number because even in that film, where he’s a pretty morally compromis ed character, you still give yourself over to him and allow him to become your eyes and ears, your heart and soul in terms of your experience of the story. He’s a great writer, by the way, and actually he and I rewrote several scenes over the course of rehearsals. My prediction: James McAvoy will be a wonderful film director.

Hoffman noted that part of McAvoy’s almost invisible contribution to the film is to soften the edges of Helen Mirren’s hard-charging Countess Sofya, who at one point in the film seems to lose her mind, grabs a pistol and commits a symbolic assassination by shooting holes in a picture of her rival, Chertkov.

“Sofya is not such a sympathetic character, and Helen’s done an amazing thing to make you like her. She’s never ingratiating, never self-pitying, she’s always dignified – that creates a chance for the audience to really connect with her. So the fact that James is gradually falling for her helps a lot, because you trust James so much.”

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James appeal on BBC Radio 4

To Listen to James McAvoy message click here

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James McAvoy doesn’t know what’s happening with the Wanted sequel.

The Scottish actor, who starred in Wanted alongside Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, said he’s “waiting” to see what film bosses come up with.

“I really don’t know, I’m still waiting to see – I keep hearing it is happening, then it’s not,” he said at the London premiere of his new film, The Last Station.

He admitted he would like to reprise his role as assassin Wesley Gibson.

“I read a version of the script a while ago and I don’t know what’s happening now, so we’ll wait and see. They want to make it and it made a lot of money so they’ll be happy to make it, but it doesn’t seem to be materialising just yet – I’m sure it will

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Source: The Press Association

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Thinking that expectant parents James McAvoy and Anne-Marie  Duff have beautiful singing voice, actress Helen Mirren says, ‘That baby will have the most beautiful lullabies sung to it.’

Helen Mirren is convinced expectant parents James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff will have a musical baby – because both stars have “beautiful singing voices”. The couple announced on Tuesday, January 26, they’re set to welcome their first child – and their “The Last Station” co-star Mirren can’t wait to see the couple become parents.

Speaking about the pregnancy at the drama’s London premiere on Tuesday, Mirren said, “It’s great. James is a new friend, Anne-Marie is an old friend. I did a play with Anne-Marie quite a few years ago and understood right there and then what a great actress she is. I met James just on this film and quietly fell in love with him, so it couldn’t be better. You just can’t believe how happy they are together. They are so grounded.”

She adds, “I tell you what – that baby will have the most beautiful lullabies sung to it. Anne-Marie and James both have beautiful singing voices.” And when asked how he felt about the happy news, McAvoy told reporters, “Amazing. Psychedelic. Excellent.”

Source: Aceshowbiz

The Last Station star James McAvoy says he and wife Anne-Marie Duff are ‘very pleased’ at becoming parents.

See video here.

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James McAvoy has been making a name for himself with critically acclaimed performances in mostly period dramas, but the Scottish actor says he’s ready to branch out and do other genres. He starred with Angelina Jolie in his first big action film, 2008’s “Wanted,” and he’s set to co-star with Seth Rogen in the comedy “I’m With Cancer.” The European-set drama “The Last Station” finds McAvoy on more familiar territory: portraying a lovelorn man in a bygone era.

A lot of your movies have been about love. Are you drawn to these scripts because you’re a romantic a heart?

Yeah, I think I’m a romantic at heart. I’m an incurable romantic. I don’t mean necessarily the script [has to have] affairs of the heart with the opposite sex, although it seems that way at times, but just in terms of stories. I like romantic, sweeping stories, not just sexy love ones. I just think it’s an important part of everybody’s life. Even if we tell the same story over and over again, we need to hear it over and over again, because it’s so important.

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