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I recently for some unknown reason, felt the need to write something on James. I’ve been an admirer of his since Atonement which was the reason I started this site to begin with. But as they say inspiration can create a spark and so James has given me that spark to write. I created a fiction piece on him and Anne Hathaway since I loved their pairing in Becoming Jane. So if you like reading, and I hope you will enjoy what I wrote.

This story was written as just a preview, not sure how long it will go on. But I would like to give you a chance to read my creation on what I titled “Love Hurts!” About two brothers in love with the same woman and expanding their horizons to alternate lives in which they already lead, but are afraid to grasp. One afraid of Love, the other afraid of Loss.

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Added two new pics from Wanted. Enjoy!

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Best Movie International April 2011
Total Film June 2011
Empire May 2011

I added new pics from:

The Conspirator Washington D.C. Premiere
The Conspirator New York Premiere
The Conspirator Washington D.C. After Party
The Empire Film Awards (2011)

As his young assassin film “Hanna” is going to hit theaters soon, director Joe Wright has already made plans for his next project, “Anna Karenina”. After speculations went viral that Saoirse Ronan and James McAvoy were up to play in the drama film, Wright has confirmed the rumor by saying that he is waiting for Saoirse and James’ answers.

Recently, Wright has spoken to The Playlist about the rumor. He stated, “Keira [Knightley]’s confirmed, Jude Law’s confirmed, Aaron Johnson’s confirmed, Kelly Macdonald’s confirmed, Benedict Cumberbatch is confirmed. I’m still waiting on Saoirse and James.”

However, the director, who helmed 2007’s “Atonement”, seemingly doubts James’ involvement as he has just welcomed a son with Anne-Marie Duff. “I’m not sure about James, he recently just had a baby so [he’s busy],” so he said.

There are not yet details about the characters Saoirse and James will play. In the meantime, Keira will star as the title character in the forthcoming movie. Jude will be Karenin, the husband of Anna Karenina, while Aaron will play Johnson Vronsky, Karenina’s lover.

“Anna Karenina” is a romantic film adapted from the Leo Tolstoy classic. It centers on a woman who is stuck in a loveless marriage and struggles with her attraction to a soldier. Tim Bevan will serve as the producer, while Tom Stoppard pens the script for the upcoming project. The film is slated to come out in 2012.

Source: Aceshowbiz

This was sent in to us by Jon, it features new pictures from the Conspirator. Enjoy!

ACTOR James McAvoy says the latest X-Men film is like a superhero “love story” – between two males.

The Scot is a young Charles Xavier in First Class which explores his early years with fellow mutant Erik – played by Michael Fassbender – who later becomes his nemesis Magneto.

McAvoy, 31, said: “This is the first time in their lives they’ve met someone who is an equal, someone who understands them and can connect and push them too.

“Charles is fascinated with Erik and his potential.”

The film, set round the 1960s Cuban missile crisis, is out on June 3.


The day before I met James McAvoy I asked a female friend of mine which qualities came to mind when she thought of him. “Sexual energy,” she replied promptly. “Also, a certain type of male cockiness.”

When I put this to McAvoy, he rocks back in his chair, puffs out his cheek and blows a long, incredulous, but not entirely undelighted sounding raspberry.

“Wowser!” he says. “Sexual energy, eh? That’s really good to know. This friend of yours, can she see? Actually, the cockiness I’m probably aware of because I’ve done it on purpose a few times with the character I’ve played. Still, it’s nice to be told.”

There are, however, few if any opportunities for McAvoy to show off his sexual energy or his cockiness in his latest role. He plays a lovestruck garden gnome called Gnomeo in the animated feature Gnomeo and Juliet, a tragic – but not too tragic – saga of love, enmity and pointy hats. While this may not have been the most challenging role of McAvoy’s career, it’s certainly been one of the more time-consuming: he’s been working on it off and on for more than three years.

“It’s been very peculiar. I’d come in every three or four months, and for half a day I’d try to hit as many scenes as I could and offer up as many ideas as possible. And then I’d go away and come back three or four months later.”

Source: Telegraph

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