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James McAvoy has revealed that he will not be participating in many of the fight scenes in X-Men: First Class.

McAvoy, who plays Professor X in the upcoming prequel, spoke to Screen Rant about his character, stating that he is rarely involved in the movie’s fight scenes.

“[Professor X] is not too combat savvy in this film, it has to be said. He doesn’t do too much, he’s sort of a consultant with the combat guys,” said McAvoy.

He continued: “But he does get involved in a few little bits of fisticuffs, I wouldn’t say that he comes out well in any of them, but I wouldn’t say that he gets his ass kicked either. Yeah, he’s not particularly combat ready.”

The actor also addressed the rumors about the ending of the film, which reportedly concludes with Professor X bald and in a wheelchair, as the character appears later in life.

“You’ll have to wait and see, you’ll have to wait and see,” McAvoy said. “It’s actually quite satisfying when you get to say that: ‘I’m not allowed to say’. Because nobody’s actually told you that you’re not allowed to say, but it’s sort of implied.”

X-Men: First Class opens in cinemas on June 3.

Source: Digital Spy

I’ve added the newest stills from X-Men First Class along with a few Promotional Pics.

Fox moved at superheroic speed to fill out the members of “X-Men: First Class” — starting with the man who leads the pack.

The studio hired James McAvoy to play the role of Charles Xavier, the professor who organizes the X-Men band of mutants into a group (and force for good). Patrick Stewart played Xavier in the original set of pictures, but of course as an origin story, many of the characters in “First Class” will skew younger.

McAvoy, who’s next up in the Robert Redford post-Civil War drama “The Conspirator,” has played in films with superhero themes before, primarily as a lead character in the assassin picture “Wanted.”

Aussie bombshell Rose Byrne will play Moira MacTaggert, a scientist and love interest of Xavier.

Source: Brand X Daily

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