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I started to clean up the site a little and am adding a few pictures i never uploaded there is a whole lot more and I hope to add them i have already added a few so you can view those at the gallery. 🙂

I finally added pictures from the set of Flith in Edinburgh and Glasgow. So enjoy the pics from February 12 and February 15.

McAvoy plays Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson, an Edinburgh policeman with an unfortunate predilection for booze, drugs and sexually abusive relationships.

As Christmas approaches, Robertson is hoping for a nice long blow-out to indulge his various vices, but the matter of a missing wife and child and a racially fraught murder case soon complicate matters.

With a tapeworm Robertson develops serving as one of the novel’s narrators, the subject material is anything but conventional, so Scottish director Jon S. Baird will likely have his work cut out for him.

Source: Total Film

I have added new magazine scans from

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