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The gallery is finally done, so I will be adding new stuff to it now. I probably will change the layout but all pictures are now viewable in their albums.

Since I am rebuilding the gallery from scratch please refrain from using the current one instead go here. All user info has been ported into the new gallery so you won’t have to re-register. Currently I am working on the movies section and am a little more than half way through with that section which should be finished by today.

The gallery will be going under reconstruction so it will remain open for the time beingI will probably rebuild it from scratch and list the pictures differently. But it will be better than before.

Trance had its London Premiere, so I added a few images in the gallery to view.

Gallery Update:

Neverwhere Rehearsals
Trance Stills, Posters and Set pics
South Bank Awards
Red Nose
Trance London Premiere
MacBeth photocall
David Bebber Photoshoot

Newest Videos and Articles:

Trance World Premiere
James on Trance

Posted tons of stuff on our facebook page and twitter. But what’s new is two new photoshoots by Tibor Kolley and Simon Lipman. The pictures can be viewed in the gallery. One of the new shoots is in Esquire UK April issue. And I also posted some random stuff in the gallery as well.


I added a whole bunch of stuff on James on our facebook page, was too much to list but I posted things from Neverwhere, Top Gear, Welcome to the Punch and over 42 pictures to the gallery. I will make an entire post tomorrow.

James was scheduled to do PR for Welcome to the Punch, however due to some reason he pulled out. For whatever reason that was we hope it was nothing too serious, but we wish him well. The following events are still going on. I posted those on our facebook page.

Meet the Filmmakers: Welcome to the Punch

Tuesday 5 March, 4:30 pm

Apple Store, Regent Street

Join James McAvoy, Mark Strong and writer-director Eran Creevy as they discuss their new film, Welcome to the Punch. Come early as seating is limited.

On a brighter note, I will be adding the Welcome to the Punch Featurette to the site as well as the Top Gear Video.

Posted a new photo shoot from Louise Haywood-Schiefer and some photos from James’s Macbeth Opening Night. You can view all those in the gallery.

OpeningNightMacbeth (1)

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