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Author's Chapter Notes:
James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe and Justin Chatwin

It was a hot summer day, Lauren prepared lunch for her three boys. She had been a single parent working odd jobs just to support her sons. Their father had died years ago from a fatal car accident. Her sons were very hard workers, no one could say that the Radcliffe men were lazy. The oldest, James was a carefree kinda person. He loved just about anything really. He was often leading Justin and Daniel in the right direction. You could say he was their role model. Justin, was a little wild. He gave this opinion on what he felt was right or wrong he never let anyone get to him. That was just the kind of person that he was. The youngest, Daniel was a sweetheart. He was into reading, he read more books than his brothers. Their were signs that he was creative in the acting business. Though he had never auditioned for anything. He was just too shy.

They all had worked in one way or another. When it came to girlfriend's they broke more hearts than anyone on their block. The Radcliffe men were known for not only breaking hearts, but being responsible for their actions. Lauren had taught her sons to respect women and to take responsibility for whatever they had caused to go wrong. Lauren was sweating with the blistering heat. Justin was the first to come inside and wash his hands.

"Mom, it feels like the dessert in here. We have an air conditioner." Justin dried his hands then proceeded to turn on the air conditioner.

"I know, Justin. But I can't get it to work right." Lauren never understood mechanical things.

Justin wrapped his arms around his mom. "Thanks for lunch." He took the plate and sat at the table.

"Where's James and Daniel?" Lauren asked.

"They are finishing up, James is teaching Daniel how to do drywall." Justin bit into his sandwich.

James wiped his forehead entering the house, "Gosh its so hot in here."

"Smells like tacos in here." Daniel said.

Lauren looked around for the guilty one who must have farted in the kitchen. They all looked at Justin.

"What?" Excuse me for being human." He smiled.

"Gosh bro, next time give us some warning." James got his plate, placing it on the table.

"Sorry." Justin continued eating.

Lauren loved her sons more than anything. But they ate a lot.

"Boys, I have a girl coming over she's gonna help with the extra slack around the house. So please be nice." Lauren warned.

"Is she pretty?" Justin asked.

"Ah come on. Does she have to be beautiful to work here? Stop thinking with your dick." James said to Justin.

"That's not all he thinks with." Daniel laughed.

"Ah guys, its not pile up on Justin day." Justin got up and burped.

Lauren heard the doorbell ring she got up and went to answer the door. Justin, James and Daniel were all curious as to who was gonna be living with them. The girl who appeared was medium height, dark brown hair and was incredibly beautiful. Each of them just starred.

"Hi, I'm Bonnie. I called about the housework job." Bonnie looked around the house.

"I'm Lauren and these are my three boys." Lauren pointed.

"Nice to meet you, I guess you'll be wanting a resume?" Bonnie looked at the boys stare at her.

"Sure." Lauren took the paper Bonnie gave her.

The boys were nice on the eyes, they were all handsome. Bonnie really needed this job. She waited for Lauren to check out her resume.

"Well everything looks good. Welcome aboard." Lauren said.

Bonnie had liked the boys, she could feel the attraction. Lauren showed Bonnie around the house and showed her what she would be doing.

Justin, James and Daniel went outside after a while to finish up on building an extra room for their mother. It was James idea, since he knew more about construction then the others did. But he taught them well. Justin learned how to do electricity. He always like playing with wires. And Daniel was just a beginner, but he was learning how to do plumbing and landscape.

When Bonnie learned where she would be sleeping, she got her suitcases from the truck. Daniel, and Justin seen, they had offered to help.

"Thank you so much for the help, boys." Bonnie smiled.

"I think they like you." James said.

"Ha, I am sure you boys all have girlfriend's right." Bonnie laughed.

"We actually don't at the moment neither of us do." James told her the truth.

"It's a shame, your all handsome. A girl could be so lucky." She touched his face with her hand.

He stepped back unsure of her intentions.

"Sorry, you had something white on your face." Bonnie said.

James smiled then went back to work. Justin and Daniel came back downstairs and Bonnie was grateful for their helpfulness.

"Thank you, Justin." She smiled.

"Daniel, do you mind helping me for a second." She looked at him.

"Nah, I am sure James doesn't need me right now." He walked with her.

Justin went on with James leaving Daniel alone with Bonnie. They climbed the stairs together and she lead him into her room.

"I needed your help with this suitcase. It's just so hard to open." Bonnie said.

She showed him which one was hard to open. The lock was faulty. Daniel seen. She had shown him how she opened it. Bonnie put her foot on the suitcase and pulled. Bonnie had pulled so hard she fell back Daniel caught her. They looked into each others eyes. She noticed his were blue, they were pretty like shining blue diamonds. Bonnie had a weakness for blue eyes.

Bonnie got his hand, putting it on the suitcase to show him how to open it. He pulled the latch with no problems. She hugged him and then kissed him. He blushed.

"Thank you." She hadn't meant to kiss him.

"Your welcome." He walked away with a smile on his face.

When Dan left Bonnie could not believe the kiss, it was unlike anything she ever felt before. The Radcliffe brothers, were gonna be the death of her for sure. His kiss was powerful, and made her ache for more.

Daniel walked back to his brothers, with a smile on his face. Justin was the first to see him. At first Justin didn't say anything to his brother. But James saw him.

"Daniel, something happen?" James was sweating so he removed his shirt.

"She kissed me." Daniel said.

"Wow, don't tell me this is your first kiss?" James asked him.

"Nah, I've made out before, but this is something different." He looked up at James.

"Didn't you have sex already?" Justin asked pulling some wood.

"Yeah, but that was horrible. She kept crying, it wasn't fun." Daniel went to the pipes.

"Wow that's fucked up. You should have been with Mindy Carlson." James said.

"Mindy, she was yours." Daniel said.

"Yeah, but she was a screamer." He laughed.

"We know." Both Justin and Daniel had heard Mindy when he was dating her during one of her many visits.

Justin padded his brother on the back. They went back to work, Justin finished up the electricity which was kinda fast since he knew his stuff. James finished patching up everything and smoothing out any imperfections. Dan was almost done with the plumbing too. He checked the bathroom making sure everything worked in good condition. The lights flickered on and off as Justin tried out the lights, they seemed to work perfectly.

James checked out his brother's work. Bonnie came to where they had been, looking at the magnificent job they did.

"This looks wonderful. Did you guys do all the work?" Bonnie was wearing a sundress now, a yellow one with spaghetti straps.

"Yeah pretty much." James said with confidence.

"I brought you guys something to drink thought you might be thirsty." She handed James a glass of tea.

"Thank you." He said taking the glass from her.

James decided to have some fun with his younger brother. "Daniel, your girlfriend brought us drinks. Come out here."

"She's not my girlfriend, James." Daniel came out wearing his jeans without a shirt.

Bonnie handed him a glass. "Here you go."

"Thank you." He took a drink almost finishing it.

Justin got his drink from Bonnie and drank it down. "Thank you. Thought I was gonna die of thirst."

"Your mom asked me to make you guys dinner. She said she's going out tonight with the girls. Is there anything special you want me to cook?"

"Just order pizza, were simple." Justin said.

"Great, makes my work a whole lot easier. But you will get a taste of my cooking." She warned.

"I am sure your cooking is great. Toppings: For me is always Olives and Anchovies, Justin likes the Hawaiian pizza and Dan here likes Pepperoni, and Sausage." James said.

"Awesome, thanks James." Bonnie smiled, but her eyes hardly ever left her view of Dan's chest.

It was getting late, a little late than they usually ate. But they wanted to finish their project they had been working on it for several weeks now. Bonnie went ahead and ordered the pizza, She had ordered extra like bread sticks and chicken wings in case they weren't full. She laid out the paper plates then got a cold sodas from the fridge for each of them.

They had cleaned up before they came to eat which was fine. Bonnie had a problem with Daniel she couldn't keep her eyes off him. It was the first time she had a problem on a job. He would often stare at her too which was a good thing. James sat on the couch and watched some television. Justin sat on the opposite of the couch which only left Daniel and Bonnie to sit together not that she minded much.

Bonnie looked over at the boys they looked quite content. She looked at Daniel, he looked back. It was getting quite frustrating so Bonnie excused herself from the couch. She walked to the kitchen, to the facet and turned on the water. Even though the air conditioner was on, she was sweating. The water was cool so she splashed some on her face. The coldness felt like a relief.

Justin, James and Daniel noticed Bonnie was taking longer than she should. Justin and James made Daniel go check up on her. He was hesitant for a second, but went into the kitchen anyway's. Bonnie was drying her face when he came in.

"Bonnie are you all right?" He asked.

She looked at him, feeling the heat come back. "Yeah, I think so."

He was concerned about her, "You sure?"

Bonnie wasn't sure of anything now a days. "No, I mean I was fine. But the thing is I can't stop thinking about it."

"You know what I'm talking about. Don't you?" She searched his eyes.

"I know exactly what your talking about." He went up to her then kissed her.

Her hands slipped to his neck, she was starving for him it showed. He placed her on the counter, the heat they were creating was uncontrollable. At first, it was slow the kissing amounted to the build up of what Bonnie knew what was to come. The more powerful his kisses were, the more she had to increase it ten fold.

Justin wanted some Parmesan cheese on his pizza, so he got up and went to get it. He saw Dan and Bonnie going at it. The kisses looked very intense. He sneaked out, then called James.

"James, our brother is getting lucky!" Justin told James.

"I told you, she was eyeing him." James sneaked and they watched their brother.

Dan released Bonnie. "I know you guys are there. Now bugger off."

James and Justin didn't leave, they continued to stare.

"Excuse me." Dan left Bonnie and ran out of the kitchen seeing his brothers run upstairs.

Bonnie loved the boys they were so comical and vibrant. She knew that working here was gonna be more than just work it was actually gonna give her a chance to be part of a family. She cleaned up the mess that they made with the pizza and closed the boxes.

"Daniel, Justin, James." Bonnie called.

They eventually came downstairs. Bonnie asked them, if they wanted more pizza. James nodded, Justin did too and so did Daniel. They were hungry men. Eventually they all went upstairs to change and get ready for bed. Bonnie cleaned up and made sure everything was perfect. By the time their mother came home, Lauren was tired so she went to her bedroom.

An hour later, Bonnie went upstairs to get ready for bed herself. She went to her suitcase and removed her pajamas. The t-shirt she wore was sort of big on her. It was a little hard to fall asleep with all the sexual tension she and Daniel built up. But Bonnie had never kissed anyone. She never had sex with anyone either. So the experiences she was learning from this was gonna be life changing. She could already tell she was gonna love it here.