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Story Notes:
Starter for 10

Bristol College, it was her first year and the first time she ever felt like she was a part of something big. Nina, was a short brown haired kinda geek. Her glasses hung low on her noise as she was reading her favorite Shakespearean novel., “MacBeth”. Glancing upward she smiled seeing her friend Rebecca. She waved to her seeing her pass pamphlets of causes she supported. Nina wasn’t into that not really, but she supported Rebecca and what more is that she loved being her friend. Rebecca came up to her. “Ah the latest novel.. entertaining is it?”

“It is from a certain perspective.” Nina put the book in her bag.

“There’s a party tonight wanna go?” Rebecca asked.

“I was thinking of staying in tonight.” Nina started walking with Rebecca through campus.

“Come on, Nina. It your first year come with me. You might meet someone.” Rebecca pushed her slightly.

“Haha, me meet someone. I doubt it, but I’ll bring you company..” Nina pushed her glasses higher.

“That’s a girl. Meet you at the entrance to our dorm.” Rebecca said to her.

Nina hardly ever went anywhere she usually kept to herself. As she parted from Rebecca she climbed up the stairs and saw her dorm room. The blonde she was sharing it with well she ignored her for the most part, but seeing her pretty delicate body she envied her perfectness. It was a very hard thing not to like Alice she was friendly.

“You going to the party tonight?” Alice asked as she entered the room.

“Yeah. My friend Rebecca invited me to go. I don’t think I ever been to a party here before.” She placed her bag in the door of her room.

“It’s good to get out. Wear something pretty.” Alice followed her.

“I’m not pretty like you Alice. I’m a normal geek.” Nina sat slouched on her bed.

“Then meet a geek guy. They’re are all over I met a few.” Alice looked at Nina.

“Right.” Nina smiled as she laid on her bed.

It was a couple of minutes later when Alice called to Nina. Nina wore a dress that came up mid-thigh, she kept pulling it down thinking it was too short. Alice saw her come out of the room. “Wow you look great.”

“Thanks I didn’t know if this was appropriate or not.” Nina felt a little off.

“It’s nice.” Alice said in agreement.

Nina walked to the entrance while she waited for Rebecca, she took out a cigarette. When she seen Rebecca she put the cig back in her purse. Rebecca was dressed in black, “Well you look fantastic.”

“Thanks I didn’t know exactly what to wear so I came up with this.” Nina showed off her outfit.

Rebecca opened her eyes wide when she seen the back of the dress. “Well that is one hell of a dress. Sexy and sporting.”

“I know I am a bit chilly. Here’s to hoping I catch one tonight.” Nina said walking with Rebecca to the party.

The party was scattered as they came into it. Hardly no one was there and it was very bleak watching some people go here and there into their groups. For a while there things were okay but slow Nina had enjoyed the music as it played. She seen a guy come with two others that she didn’t know. He wasn’t the best looking but his eyes were what attracted her. Rebecca seen her staring. “Found one?”

“Shhh.” Nina said.

A blond guy started talking to him and Rebecca knew all too well who that was. When Brian got weirded out from hearing this guy’s story he went to Rebecca and Nina. Nina felt the hotness in her body rise, she seen him up close as he drank his beer.

“Mind if I pretend that I am with you two?” Brian asked.

“No, will you excuse me.” Rebecca excused herself leaving them alone.

“So I guess its only you and I.” Brian looked at Nina.

“Yeah, hi I am Nina.” She held out her hand.

“Brian.” He took her hand.

“Nice to meet you. It’s my first year here.” Nina looked at his hands then his neck.

“Me too.” He drank his beer.

“So, do you like this kinda music?” She glared at him.

“Yeah I actually do.” He nodded.

Nina looked at him directly she got a bit closer. “Wanna get out of here?”

He nodded. “Sure why not.”

He walked with her and she smiled at Rebecca. As she left with Brian out of the place, Nina handed him another beer. “It’s nice being here alone walking around campus.”

“So what’s your major?” He asked.

“Undecided at the moment. I am studying English, its always been my favorite subject.” Nina caught a chill he noticed her.

“You cold?” Brian asked.

“Yeah it would be nice to go somewhere indoors.” Nina grabbed her arms rubbing them.

“We could go to my room.” He offered.

“Yeah would love to.” She nodded.

He smiled and they both walked to his dorm room. No one was there so he was sure they would be okay alone. Once inside the place they walked up the stairs and he opened the door allowing her inside. Nina dropped her hands and she knew it was obvious for her, but she took his hand.

She dropped her purse on the table and took her hands putting them to his face. Nina kissed him hard as they leaned against the wall. He took her and put his hand on her back. Now feeling her bare back he knew why she was cold. Brian parted. “Your cold.”

“Then warm me up.” Nina dared him.

He opened the door to his room and she got her purse. Brian knew what was expected of him so he was okay with it. Once she was in his room she dropped her purse and took off her shoes. Nina pushed her hair to the side and turned to the bed facing it. He came up behind her placing his hands on her hips.

Nina turned putting her hand on his shoulder. “Promise me, I won’t be just a memory. That you will always remember me.”

“Yes of course, Nina.” He smiled as he came to kiss her.

She put her hands behind her head where her neck was. Nina undid the buttons holding the top of her dress together. When it came undone the front part of the dress fell he watched as she wasn’t wearing a bra, coming up to him she took his hand placing it on her chest. Brian was breathing lightly. Nina pulled his shirt out of his pants feeling his skin underneath. It was soft.

“Let’s take this off.” She said as she started at the buttons. He helped her as he was looking forward to this.

Nina was very nervous but since holding her virginity for sometime now she was looking forward to this not knowing how she was gonna feel. Once his shirt was removed she placed her hands on him they got a bit closer, kissing each other. She pulled at the bottom of her dress letting it fall to the floor as she now stood in her underwear and black high heels. They laid on the bed together as he came above her. Brian was kissing her neck and her breasts. Nina moaned loving his touch.

“Take off your pants.” She whispered to him.

He got up removing his pants first the button then pulling down the zipper. She placed her hand on him touching him. He moaned slightly as he felt her touch him. “I don’t have a condom.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Nina knew she was playing with fire. She knew where it could lead, but she didn't care she wanted him.

Nina took off the rest of what she possessed and laid down under the blanket. She pulled off her glasses and placed them on the nightstand. He came in beside her and she pulled him closer. “Do I put it in now?”

“Yeah when your ready.” She gazed into his eyes.

He came above her and she widen her legs he didn’t know quite much, but she didn’t care. She helped him and guided him. Finding the spot he pushed into her. She closed her eyes clutching him. “Owww.”

“You all right?” He glanced down at her.

Her eyes flooded with tears as she looked at him. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He felt bad.

“No. It’s not you really. It hurts but I want this.” She wiped her eyes.

“You sure?” Brian asked for confirmation.

“Yeah. Go slow.” She said to him.

“All right.” He kissed her moving slowly in and out.

She began to look at his face as he fucked her. Nina moaned low and she was breathing hard. She reached up to kiss him and as she did she felt him come inside her hard. “I’m sorry its my first time. I should have lasted a bit longer.”

Nina shook her head. “Not to worry we got all night.”

He smiled wide and laid down beside her. She turned to him. “Was I okay for you?”

“Yeah it was nice.” He got closer and kissed her.

“Your my first. I was so nervous.” She admitted.

“Your mine.” He admitted.

She thought it was cute that they had both had their first time together. Nina was in love even if she only just met him. She climbed above him kissing him repeatedly. He yawned a bit, but as a bit of time wore on he whispered. “I’m ready.”

She bit down on her lip and smiled. “I was hoping so.” Nina reached down and grabbed him. This time she took her turn as she felt him inside her she moaned loving the length of him. He moaned with her as he had enjoyed how she was going at it.

She whispered something into the air something he didn't quite hear and she was glad. Nina had said while mounting him that she loved him. But course he didn’t understand her words cause she spoke in another language something he didn’t understand one bit.

This time as they became more experienced in their sexual encounter Nina screamed out loud from the most intense orgasm she ever had. He heard her and then his bed broke. They started laughing together. “Well guess I will be sleeping on the floor from now on.”

“Sorry. I just enjoyed it way too much.” She kissed him.

“Eh, my turn.” He giggled.

He helped her up and they put the mattress on the floor. Once it was set they went back to it until the early morning when Nina kissed him goodbye. She put a flyer on her side and left him. Upon getting out of his room she saw the two people he was sharing the place with.

“Coffee?” One offered.

“No thanks I got to get to my room. Tell Brian I had a wonderful time.” She walked to the door.

“We know and heard dearest.” They waved bye to her and she smiled closing the door.