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We’re all imposters in Hollywood

This is an all-Scottish ‘Macbeth’, in the shadow of the coming independence referendum.
‘We are doing it at a very important time and on the doorstep of Downing Street, which is great. I’m half expecting Alex Salmond to turn up and do something funny. I’ve seen “Macbeth” before and everybody’s English apart from one Scottish witch – what’s that all about?’

Your own bit of Scotland, Drumchapel outside Glasgow, is pretty hairy: does your background keep your feet on the ground in Hollywood?
‘It does, but I don’t really like seeing Drumchapel as a bad place: it’s not fair to the people that live there. One of the weird things about Hollywood is we’re all imposters; we’re all just glammed up. At a proper Hollywood party – an Oscars party – you look around and go, “Fuck, he’s a movie star and she’s a movie star and he got six million dollars for a film,” but it’s clear everybody’s the same. Your initial instinct might be “How the fuck did I get here?” but after a couple of years you go, “The same way every fucker else did.”’

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Source: Timeout

2 Responses to “New Stills from MacBeth and Timeout Interview”
  1. Meredith Terry says:

    Is there any chance that Macbeth is being filmed for either future BBCA broadcast or PBS broadcast so that fans around the world, especially Marysvale, Utah, USA, can eventually see James in this production…or is there any plans for it being filmed for dvd sales…there is no way many of us can fly to London or any place like New York, Los Angeles..etc to see it but I sure would buy this dvd in a heartbeat. Congratulations on all the marvelous reviews that have been posted. Can’t wait for Welcome to the Punch, Trance and Filth to hit the American theatres!!!!!

  2. admin says:

    I am just like you Meredith, I will never get to see it either. The only MacBeth I will ever see James do is the one he did in 2005 for BBC.

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