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James hardest sex scene

While filming the British TV series ‘Shameless’, actor James McAvoy experienced the unexpected. Speaking to The Times newspaper, he said: “I had the merest hint of an erection a couple of times. “It’s usually so uncomfortable that it’s more about making it look like you’re really going for this person, while convincing the person that you’re not having a good time. While at the same time not making them feel like you’re saying ‘Don’t worry, I’m not enjoying it, because you’re stinking!'”

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Opening Night of Cyrano de Bergerac

Just last week, the Brooklyn Academy of Music celebrated opening night of Jamie Lloyd’s bold, Olivier-winning revival of Cyrano de Bergerac-written by Edmond Rostand and freely adapted by Martin Crimp-at the BAM Harvey Theater through May 22

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Happy Birthday James

Here’s to James and the reason I started this site back in 2008. Atonement was the big reason I turned to James and it still is. Happy Birthday James