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James McAvoy explains why he’s a romantic at heart

James McAvoy has been making a name for himself with critically acclaimed performances in mostly period dramas, but the Scottish actor says he’s ready to branch out and do other genres. He starred with Angelina Jolie in his first big action film, 2008’s “Wanted,” and he’s set to co-star with Seth Rogen in the comedy “I’m With Cancer.” The European-set drama “The Last Station” finds McAvoy on more familiar territory: portraying a lovelorn man in a bygone era.

A lot of your movies have been about love. Are you drawn to these scripts because you’re a romantic a heart?

Yeah, I think I’m a romantic at heart. I’m an incurable romantic. I don’t mean necessarily the script [has to have] affairs of the heart with the opposite sex, although it seems that way at times, but just in terms of stories. I like romantic, sweeping stories, not just sexy love ones. I just think it’s an important part of everybody’s life. Even if we tell the same story over and over again, we need to hear it over and over again, because it’s so important.

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