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Simon Kinberg Wants To Make It So That James McAvoy Plays A Young Picard

Since the exciting announcement of a new ‘Picard‘ series coming to CBS All Access, James McAvoy has expressed that wants to play a younger version of the character. We all thought he was joking as he is currently portraying a younger take on Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier in the ‘X-Men’ franchise but that no longer seems to be the case. Simon Kinberg has recently been making the rounds to promote ‘Dark Phoenix,’ when this topic came up.

As to the series itself, Kinberg shared that he was “really excited” and went on to share:

“A good friend of mine and actually a mentor of mine, Akiva Goldsman, is involved with that show and he was talking about it before they got Patrick to say yes and I said ‘If you get that, that’s about as big an event as you can have in the Star Trek universe.’”

While Kinberg is a Trekkie and is excited for his friend, it was the next tidbit that got a lot of people’s attention:

“The person who was geeking out the most about it I would say actually though is McAvoy. I’m going to actually put a pitch in for McAvoy right now, I’ll tell Akiva this too, but if they ever need a flashback scene of young Picard, James really want to play young Picard. He wants to make a career of playing young Patrick Stewart.”

Now we’re dying to know if McAvoy is a massive Trekkie like the rest of us or just has a man-crush on the ageless Patrick Stewart. Either way, we respect his dedication and hope that if a flashback scene is needed that they’ll let McAvoy work for autographs as he initially offered.

Would you be open to seeing James McAvoy once again play a younger Patrick Stewart? Do you think that he could give us a version of Picard that fans would love seeing on the small screen?