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James McAvoy Used This Killer Workout to Get in Shape for ‘Glass’

Kevin Wendell Crumb is no easy role to play. Crumb suffers a dissociative identity disorder, which gives him 23 different personalities, including “The Beast,” a brute with insane bodily strength. and other superhuman abilities. James McAvoy. first played the role in 2017’s Split, and he returned to it again for this year’s Glass. But the new film required him to appear in even more shirtless rampaging scenes, which meant taking The Beast to the next level. To prepare, McAvoy had to bulk up with a good workout routine.

Before starting production on Split, McAvoy simply surfed the Internet to find workouts that would help him gain some muscle. This time around, he made a call to Magnus Lygdback, a Swedish trainer who helped Alexander Skarsgard get shredded for Legend Of Tarzan and Ben Affleck put on mass for Justice League. With only 12 weeks to get his new client into beastly shape, Lygdback flew to Montreal, where McAvoy was filming the latest X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix.

The work began almost immediately. Each morning before McAvoy reported to set, Lygdback would lead the actor through a dynamic bulking regime.

“James is one of those guys who loves the process,” said Lygdback. “Because he had already been hitting the gym, and the framework was there, we were able to get more accomplished than I ever imagined.”

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