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Written by marcie on June 25 2008

Welcome to the newest site for Scottish Actor, James McAvoy.


Written by marcie on July 30 2008

I appologize for the lack of content lately. Seems I have been busy with my Harry Potter site and Leonardo DiCaprio site. Since Leo has The Body of Lies coming out in October And Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in November. Then Leo’s other movie Revolutionary Road in December. I do intend to get everything done, soon.

Film Ink

Written by marcie on August 22 2008

Thanks to Film Ink for sending me the scans for the July Issue which features James on the Cover.

Finally added all pages to the gallery.


Written by marcie on August 26 2008

Sorry for no updates, I have been gathering stuff for this site. I shall make a gallery update tomorrow. I have not forgotten about James

Site Update

Written by marcie on August 29 2008

This site is under construction I have decided to use wordpress for Simply James McAvoy so please be patient. All content will be back to its original form. With a new layout.

This is only temporary until I can make a new layout. I am working on it now. I hope to have it up later today. So Affiliates please don’t remove your links.

Layout Change

Written by marcie on August 31 2008

Since I couldn’t get my other layout to work the way i wanted to I created this one instead as you can see I am not very good in wordpress layouts. But I just started so bare with me.

I have been catching up on James Filmography, finally got to see Inside I’m Dancing and Shameless along with Band of Brothers and State of Play. He was very excellent in Shameless along with his with wife. Looks like they were meant to be. Anyways, most of the site is up I just have to fix some links. But other than that everything is where it should be.  Enjoy!

To read the old updates read here.

New Layout

Written by marcie on September 24 2008

Working on the new layout although its not quite finished yet, still need to color code it. But here’s a preview of it.

Almost Complete

Written by marcie on September 25 2008

I am almost finished with this new layout there are a few bugs in it, mostly css. But its pretty much done. I hope you like it. It looks a whole lot better than the last version. Promise on the next layout it will be more colorful.

New Layout and Pics Added

Written by marcie on November 23 2008

I finally had the chance to make a new layout.

Added a few pics from the

Variety Awards
Breathing Corpses
Chronicles of Narnia

Happy Thanksgiving

Written by marcie on November 27 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Wanted comes to DVD on Tuesday – December 2, 2008

Merry Christmas

Written by marcie on December 25 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates and hardly any news. Seems James is not very active at the moment or I haven’t come across many things about him lately. But I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I will be working on a new layout for this site and bring more gifts to you in 2009.

New Layout

Written by marcie on January 02 2009

I’m working on a new layout for Simply James so please excuse the default theme. I know its a little ugly, but please bare with me as we make some changes and upgrades to the site.


Written by marcie on January 21 2009

Added 4 new Affiliates: Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore , Kelly Ripa, Rebecca Romijn Stamos

And added 3 new pics to the gallery.

Sorry for be offline lately

Written by marcie on April 17 2009

I apologize for putting this site on hold, but I plan to make a new layout for this site and get back into the hang of things. I got photos and more stuff to add. I’ll try and get some of this stuff done for the weekend.

New Layout

Written by marcie on April 18 2009

Hope you like the new layout. I plan to upload some photos to the gallery later on today. 🙂

Fixes and Updates

Written by marcie on April 21 2009

I had a chance to post some Magazine Scans, and also sorted out the Photoshoots into their correct sets. So I will be adding more soon. Just need to fix what I had and see what I already uploaded.

Added Magazine Scans from:

Daily Telegraph
Vanity Fair

Layout Change

Written by marcie on June 19 2009

I am currently working on a layout change. Since I upgraded to wordpress 2.8, it kinda messed up some of the widgets I use so Elite Affiliates please excuse me as I fix the site. I will hopefully have the site back as soon as the layout change is complete.

Thanks for your patience

Layout Issues

Written by marcie on June 21 2009

As I haven’t had the time to finish the layout due to personal reasons I am activating an old layout. So when the new layout is finished I will replace it sorry this is taking so long. Just got many things happening right now.

New Layout

Written by marcie on June 22 2009

I hope you like the new layout it was a premade done by

New Layout

Written by marcie on August 05 2009

Well here’s the new layout I wanna thank Acid Designs for the Header. Thank you Melissa.

Here’s the Latest News on James

Tobey Maguire replaces James McAvoy in romantic comedy The Details

How Angelina Jolie Comes Back to ‘Wanted 2’

‘The Hobbit’: Who should play Bilbo Baggins?

Celbrity Site of the Day

Written by marcie on August 22 2009

I’ve been notified that I will be Celebrity Site of the Day on August 26.

Celebrity Site of the Day

Written by marcie on August 26 2009

Today we are listed here as Celebrity site of the Day

We also been Certified at Celebrity Link.


Gallery Update

Written by marcie on August 30 2009

I made a slight change to the layout. I think this is a little better. I kept the header from the other theme. But plan to make a new layout here soon.

Added new pics to the gallery.

New Photoshoot Unknown thanks to James McAvoy Fans
DV Man International Magazine Autumn 2008
Re-Upload of the Dean Freeman Photoshoot
2 pics added to the Carter Smith Photoshoot

New Layout

Written by marcie on October 08 2009

I hope you all like this layout. I have some new pics to add. So I will add those as soon as I can. Until then enjoy the new look.

Helen Mirren Believes James McAvoy Will Have a Musical Baby

Written by marcie on January 28 2010

Thinking that expectant parents James McAvoy and Anne-Marie  Duff have beautiful singing voice, actress Helen Mirren says, ‘That baby will have the most beautiful lullabies sung to it.’

Helen Mirren is convinced expectant parents James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff will have a musical baby – because both stars have “beautiful singing voices”. The couple announced on Tuesday, January 26, they’re set to welcome their first child – and their “The Last Station” co-star Mirren can’t wait to see the couple become parents.

Speaking about the pregnancy at the drama’s London premiere on Tuesday, Mirren said, “It’s great. James is a new friend, Anne-Marie is an old friend. I did a play with Anne-Marie quite a few years ago and understood right there and then what a great actress she is. I met James just on this film and quietly fell in love with him, so it couldn’t be better. You just can’t believe how happy they are together. They are so grounded.”

She adds, “I tell you what – that baby will have the most beautiful lullabies sung to it. Anne-Marie and James both have beautiful singing voices.” And when asked how he felt about the happy news, McAvoy told reporters, “Amazing. Psychedelic. Excellent.”

Source: Aceshowbiz

Simply James McAvoy now on Twitter!

Written by marcie on January 28 2010

That’s right! Get a ‘tweet alert’ everytime the site is updated!

Click here and follow us!

James McAvoy unsure about Wanted 2

Written by marcie on January 29 2010


James McAvoy doesn’t know what’s happening with the Wanted sequel.

The Scottish actor, who starred in Wanted alongside Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, said he’s “waiting” to see what film bosses come up with.

“I really don’t know, I’m still waiting to see – I keep hearing it is happening, then it’s not,” he said at the London premiere of his new film, The Last Station.

He admitted he would like to reprise his role as assassin Wesley Gibson.

“I read a version of the script a while ago and I don’t know what’s happening now, so we’ll wait and see. They want to make it and it made a lot of money so they’ll be happy to make it, but it doesn’t seem to be materialising just yet – I’m sure it will

Click here for more

Source: The Press Association

James McAvoy appeals on behalf of RETRAK (BBC Radio 4)

Written by marcie on February 01 2010

James appeal on BBC Radio 4

To Listen to James McAvoy message click here

Donations to RETRAK should be sent to FREEPOST BBC Radio 4 Appeal, please mark the back of your envelope RETRAK. Credit cards: Freephone 0800 404 8144. If you are a UK tax payer, please provide RETRAK with your full name and address so they can claim the Gift Aid on your donation. The online and phone donation facilities are not currently available to listeners without a UK postcode. Registered Charity Number: 1122799.

Michael Hoffman talks about James McAvoy future as director

Written by marcie on February 04 2010

The Last Station Still

Here’s what Michael Hoffman, The Last Station‘s director, has to say about James McAvoy, in the recent article Cult of the Count Tolstoy by David Lamble (Bay Area Reporter)

“I think people feel they’ve watched a movie about this tempestuous marriage between these two titanic personalities, but really the movie is all about the sentimental education of the Valentin character. And this is a remarkable quality that James has, I saw it in The Last King of Scotland,and I immediately went hunting for his phone number because even in that film, where he’s a pretty morally compromis ed character, you still give yourself over to him and allow him to become your eyes and ears, your heart and soul in terms of your experience of the story. He’s a great writer, by the way, and actually he and I rewrote several scenes over the course of rehearsals. My prediction: James McAvoy will be a wonderful film director.

Hoffman noted that part of McAvoy’s almost invisible contribution to the film is to soften the edges of Helen Mirren’s hard-charging Countess Sofya, who at one point in the film seems to lose her mind, grabs a pistol and commits a symbolic assassination by shooting holes in a picture of her rival, Chertkov.

“Sofya is not such a sympathetic character, and Helen’s done an amazing thing to make you like her. She’s never ingratiating, never self-pitying, she’s always dignified – that creates a chance for the audience to really connect with her. So the fact that James is gradually falling for her helps a lot, because you trust James so much.”

For the complete article click here

McAvoy up for Olivier awards

Written by marcie on February 08 2010

Three Days Of Rain

James McAvoy, recognised for his performance in Three Days Of Rain at the Apollo theatre,  got nominated for the prestigious Laurence Olivier theatre awards. He´s up against Jude Law, James Earl Jones, Mark Rylance, Ken Stott and Samuel West in the best actor category.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on 21 March.

Source: BBC News

James McAvoy on Nylon Magazine

Written by marcie on February 15 2010

James is on the cover of the March issue of Nylon Guys and did also did this great interview for the Nylon Magazine TV.

James McAvoy Interview on Nylon Magazine TV

And here’s a little teaser from the article:

Great Scot!
James McAvoy hits NYLON Guys… again.

by LUKE CRISELL, February 8th, 2010

Though he’s shared the screen with Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, and Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy is in no rush to be the next big name.

Stephanie Trong found out firsthand while spending a chilly evening in New York City with the Scottish actor. Here, a few of his secrets.

Why you never hear about him in the tabloids:
“I’ve only had somebody try and take pictures of me outside my house once in my entire life. And they stopped after about half an hour.”

How his resume is impeccable:
“Every now and again, [my agents] thought that I should do something, and I’ve been, ‘What the fuck are you thinking?’ But that’s only happened once or twice in my entire career.”

The co-star that left the biggest impression on him:
“I was intimidated by the humongity—this is a good made-up word—the humongity of Keira’s sort of world presence.”

Why it’s only a matter of time until he wins an Oscar:
“I was very sensitive. Cried easy. Enjoyed crying from an early age. Ehm, not in public. On my own. I think I recognized its therapeutic qualities early on. And then as I came into my teenage years it became very handy ‘cause I could wallow about my lack of girlfriend or general cool or mystique.”

Want More? Go to the Source: Nylon Guys


Written by marcie on March 05 2010

We at HOD Network are planning on upgrading to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or maybe a Dedicated Server with this upgrade we will be able to upload images to the gallery at higher resolutions than we currently do, and we will be able to upload videos at HD (High Definition) Quality with a Sharper Video plus we will have access to upload programs to the server that will allow us to better mange the sites and improve it. These benefits will be available for all our sites. But in order to implement this we will need your help, we would have to put a monthly fee for the site of about $3 dollars now this fee will decrease over time as more and more people join in, if more people join in the price can decrease to a 1 dollar a month to maybe even .25 cents a month. But this all depends on you. If you agree or disagree, please vote on the poll to the left hand side or leave us a comment down below.

James McAvoy in German GQ

Written by marcie on March 16 2010

Souce: Scottish Actors

James is featured in the March 2010 issue of GQ Germany.

The blog Scottish Actors has some outtakes. There also one more photo at photographer Roger Moenks’ website.

James McAvoy takes acting break to deal with fatherhood

Written by marcie on April 15 2010

James and Anne-Marie

Souce: Herald Sun (by Neala Johnson)

JAMES McAvoy is getting his roof fixed.

“That really, really superstar-y, film star s—,” he says.

The sweary Scottish actor – “My imagination is badly-fuelled and I seem to be swearing instead of searching my vocabulary” – has more than just a dull off-screen life to explain his roof-fixing.

He and his wife, fellow actor Anne-Marie Duff, are expecting their first child.

“We were sitting here in the rain happily dealing with it, and with the kid on the way we thought we better stop being wet-headed,” McAvoy cracks.

McAvoy, 30, was to be jetting off right about now to Canada to make I’m With Cancer, a dramedy he was co-headlining with Seth Rogen.

But with the birth on the horizon, McAvoy has pulled out. It’s not the first time McAvoy has chosen real life over Hollywood. Look at his resume – for a popular, well-regarded actor, he’s squeezed in just one film a year since Atonement in 2007.

There’s been a bit of theatre in that time, he argues, but it’s also a case of “just wanting to take it easy”.

“There was a time a couple of years ago where the next like four years of my life was planned, and I just went, ‘Woah-ho! Stop stop stop stop stop’,” he explains.

“I went, ‘F— it I’m gonna go and do a play and do no films for a little while’. My life was getting planned for me, and that was a bit annoying.”

He was worried too, especially after doing the big-bang action flick Wanted, that he might get stuck on a Hollywood rollercoaster.

“And it wouldn’t have even been as fun as a rollercoaster,” McAvoy says.

Click here to read the rest

No Updates

Written by marcie on May 13 2010

I know I haven’t posted any recent updates, but I’ve been catching up on my McAvoy movies. I’ve found a channel on youtube that actually has quite a bit of the early part of James Career. I have most of james filmography, but could never get my hands on his early days so I thought I would share with you on what I found if you too haven’t catched up on your James McAvoy early days.

Also Fiona is currently selling a VHS on The Bill episode “Rent”. If you are interested in purchasing it. You can buy it here on Ebay.

New Layout

Written by marcie on September 22 2010

I finally managed to make some time to give this site a new layout. I hope you like it.

James McAvoy to evolve professor role in ‘X-Men’ prequel “I’m basically going to try and bury Patrick (Stewart’s) performance.”

Those fighting words come straight from actor James McAvoy who is playing the younger version of Professor X in “X-Men: First Class” – a role made famous by Patrick Stewart in the film franchise.

MTV News had the headline.

“I think the fun thing about these films is when you go back and you either reboot or do a prequel. You get to see how people became who they are. That means that you have to do them differently and by the end of the movie you have to do them the same way,” said McAvoy on his approach to the role.

“The interesting journey is what happens to them, what changes them, what makes them evolve – not just mutate, but emotionally and psychologically evolve,” said McAvoy.

“X-Men: First Class,” produced by Marvel Comics, will open on June 3, 2011.


Written by marcie on December 15 2010

I’ll be doing a revamp on this site, I’m not gonna remove anything just update and change a few things. I also have some new pictures to put up. So I’ll be adding those along with a few more things. So keep visiting and if your a fan of the site please consider joining our facebook page.

New Layout

Written by marcie on December 16 2010

Here’s my newest layout not sure if I like it too much or not. But here it is. I added a couple of bit of picture updates.

New Stills from the Last Station
The Conspirator Portraits and Photo Shoots
X-Men on Set
Candids- James and Matthew V.
and much more……

almost 100 new images for you to view at the gallery

New Layout

Written by marcie on June 01 2011

I made this new layout for the promotion of X-Men First Class. I hope you like it.

Latest Update

Written by marcie on March 09 2012

I started to clean up the site a little and am adding a few pictures i never uploaded there is a whole lot more and I hope to add them i have already added a few so you can view those at the gallery. 🙂

LucasHQ on Facebook

Written by marcie on December 02 2012

Since all facebook pages are being deleted SDR was the first to go. It’s now permanently deleted. It was a lot of hard work that I didn’t have time for. But LucasHQ is a facebook page that I will post information for all sites, none of the updates will list what the actors are doing but what we are doing. I will list our anniversary updates, problems we are fixing, just different things whatever comes up that people need to know. It’s a way of bringing everyone together on who supports what we do so I hope you will join us and like our page. Here’s the location: LUCASHQ

New Layout

Written by marcie on February 17 2013

I am currently working on the new layout its not currently finished yet. But here’s what I got so far. I updated the gallery with new images from MacBeth and have the latest 4 videos to post from Trance and Welcome to the Punch. I am gonna create more slides for the layout, but need to get some sleep. So I hope you like. 🙂

Working on a new layout

Written by marcie on June 20 2013

I’ll be working on a new layout, so this is only temporary. 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Written by marcie on December 23 2013

I made a graphic featuring the five men I’ve been working on all this year. I wanna thank all the fans for sharing their experiences on meeting James and your kind words and interest in the site. I wanna wish you all a Merry Christmas and may you join us for Frankenstein, X Men 2 and so much more.christmas2


New layouts

Written by marcie on April 06 2014

Thanks to a friend, we have new layouts for the site and the gallery. I also added a few new pictures.

New layouts

Written by marcie on November 27 2014

Put up a new layout thanks to and also a new gallery layout though I might change the gallery layout since the words seems quite small. But hope you like the new layout. Also images from the Ruling Class will be added to the gallery hopefully soon.


Fifteen Years – Marcie Lucas

Written by marcie on December 01 2014


Marcie Lucas, Fifteen years as a celebrity blogger

“It’s hard to say something you’ve done has been a happy time in all that you do, but it hasn’t.”

Hi, my name is Marcie Lucas owner of the Simply line: Simply Daniel Radcliffe, Simply Dane DeHaan, Simply Elijah Wood, Simply Leonardo DiCaprio, Simply James McAvoy and Simply Mitchell Kummen. Years back you probably wouldn’t have known who I was. My first website was based on James Cameron’s Titanic back in 1999. I was lousy at websites I didn’t know what html was or php and I couldn’t even do a graphic. I had to use free graphics from other websites. When people started complaining that I was claiming something that wasn’t mine. I said to hell with it. I am gonna learn on my own. It was hard, as I didn’t know anything at all. My first graphics were horrible. That’s the honest truth.

My boyfriend, Anthony Lucas who is now my husband taught me so much, made me learn the hard way to learn html code through Netscape composer. He got frustrated and got mad at me several times. Yes, I can be stubborn. But after that long time of trying. I’ve finally began to understand. From there I went off on my own and I can’t believe I’ve done it for so long, what started as a side hobby began to be much more. The realness of it hit me, when I received a email from Steven Rea, Film critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer . I remember the call that morning, hearing everything at the newspaper in the background it was exciting for me to be interviewed on Leonardo DiCaprio’s coffee venture. But things did not stop there. Graham Norton, a television show in the UK emailed me one morning. I was dead tired, stood up all night and replied. The email had been blank so contacting whomever it was as I did, I waited. They mentioned that they wanted to use Simply Daniel Radcliffe for their show to show to Dan. I was saying to myself, “Sure why not.” I didn’t think anything of it and I didn’t know what they were going to use until after. I was blushing when their recording was aired. I was like, “Oh no, not my writing. Daniel was never meant to see that.” But I got to see the reaction on Dan’s face. God to think of what he might think of me personally. I don’t even wanna know. And to think of all the autographs he’s done for me without never knowing who I was. He’s special to me for many reasons. He’s helped me through my darkest times.

I’ve gotten lucky to promote films for my favorite actors and all the companies and promoters out there for giving me a chance to do this for them is a wonderful privilege. I’ve worked very hard sometimes not eating, staying up all hours of the night and sometimes not sleeping at all with being a full time mom to three children. You can see all of my work was not in vain. People might think I got it easy, that’s not the case because ten years ago I didn’t have any of this. I tried so hard. But it was the fans who made me a better person, the fans at Simply Daniel Radcliffe for caring about me. Who since the incident in 2012 have been a pleasure to know. Suicide for me has been with me since I was fifteen. I think about it all the time even now. But something changed after the fans showed me I am more than a website. The people at the Trevor Project whom I wanna thank for being so kind. I would say more, but its personal so I’ll end it on that.

I’ve learned so much since 1999. The first time I worked on a new actor, Dane DeHaan. I liked his personality and his acting. While working on him I started a process. A process I now do for all actors I work on. I’m not telling you what my process is, but it gives me firsthand knowledge of who they are and why they chose to become an actor.

The newest site I’ve worked on is Mitchell Kummen. Horns for me is special not just cause of Daniel Radcliffe, but because of Joe Hill. I’ve been a fan of his father, Stephen King for so long. It gave me the love of horror movies and to be a writer. Yes I love writing, Dane DeHaan acting out my writing on Comedy Central was a total laugh. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was I was like, “Oh no not again.” But he did good playing the Dane I pictured in my writing. Thank you, Dane for having the courage to pull off my crazy writing.

Mitchell Kummen was a new start for me, the youngest actor I ever worked on was Daniel Radcliffe during Potter. Since then no one else that young has been in my life. For those of you that don’t know Mitchell, he’s a wonderful young actor in Horns as the young Ig Perrish. Mitchell was a project I took up because he impressed me with his acting in Horns. I don’t do websites just for anyone. I have to connect with an actor to do a website in the first place. He reminded me a lot about my own children. My daughter who is his age and my son. He needed to be known to people. That’s what I felt in my heart. He will probably be the last I ever do and I wish the best for him. He has talent, I see it. Just like I did with Dane DeHaan. And that’s why I built my websites, the men who gave their talent for us to see and made me who I become. A devoted fan, graphic designer, and web designer. A person who didn’t know a thing and learned so much.

Thank you to all the people out there who have followed me, gave their support and believed I could do this. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you. Today, I celebrate fifteen years!

Marcie Lucas

Need Your Help

Written by marcie on April 09 2015

I started a fundraiser recently because it seems my computer is glitching on me at the worst possible time. This is the only computer I have and without it well you can pretty much guess the sites will go down and I won’t be able to post what you guys all love seeing. I am asking for your help, you can visit my post here. Please help even if its only $1 or even 50 cents.

I’m Back

Written by marcie on April 25 2015

I’ve been out for the last two weeks as you might of seen the message i left on our Facebook page with pics from Frankenstein. I have some pics I never added so I will be sure to add those very soon. My apologies and thanks to everyone that helped on the fundraiser. To the ones that helped it is much appreciated. Thank you.

Drawing of James McAvoy

Written by marcie on July 05 2015

We were sent a drawing of James from Sharon Ivory its been drawn by her 17 year old daughter.


Victor Frankenstein Halloween Contest

Written by marcie on August 19 2015


Every so often we like to do something fun. So I asked a few people if they would be interested in a contest. They said yes. So with that here’s what we are gonna do.

If your interested here’s our contest. Its gonna be fun filled with lots for you to do. If you’re a graphic artist, since we got the trailer now its time to work on fan art. So if you would like to make a graphic for it, whether it be a poster or just a regular banner, icons anything your heart desires feel free.

We would also welcome you to submit your fan fiction. Whether it be RadAvoy (Slash) in Nature, Romantic, Scary. Whatever the cause we need your submissions. Poetry artists: Create a poem about Victor Frankenstein or like our birthday project break it down for each letter of Victor Frankenstein.

If your crafty make a Victor Frankenstein food idea: it could be a dessert, main course, or an appetizer. A plus if you use bacon. Your choice.

Also if you would like to make a t shirt or a homemade banner out of paper. We would love to add those as well. The prizes will be announced sometime in October. So you have lots of time to think about it.

Victor Frankenstein Halloween Contest

Graphic dimensions are your choice. Icons should be 100×100 or 150×150
T-Shirts preferably white use markers or fabric markers. Take a picture wearing it or the shirt.
Poetry and Fan Fiction: Poetry as long as you want. Fan Fiction 3 paragraphs or more no less.
Food: Drinks, Desserts, Main Course, Appetizers. Have fun with it. Pictures of it must be submitted with your recipe.

Send pictures, stories or graphics to make sure to title it “Victor Frankenstein Halloween Contest”

Follow us on Bloglovin

Written by marcie on January 19 2016

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

New Layouts

Written by marcie on June 03 2016

Simply James McAvoy has a new look. Its a premade thanks to erikam. Thanks to those of you who wrote your concern for the site. Its been a nice 8 years working on this and i am glad you guys like it. So I did new changes to the layouts for the gallery and the main site. I hope to add more content soon.

A few changes

Written by marcie on February 16 2018

I’ve been updating the site and the gallery but since this site has been online since 2008 I am deleting old stuff from the website. Some of it is outdated so its been removed. I am gonna be working on the career page for now I just put the categories but more work will be done on here. This site is not dead.

Coming Soon: Screen Captures

Written by marcie on February 28 2018

I am currently working on screen captures for all of James Movies. So you can be sure to look for that coming soon. I just started doing the capping. Also we have a better header thanks to Never Enough Designs.

Screen Captures Update

Written by marcie on March 07 2018

I now have most of James film’s capped now I just need to go through the sorting of 24 folders. It will take some time but it will be great. Will have an update on this very soon. Also Many thanks to Maria and Ashley for helping me gather them for the site.

Site Changes

Written by marcie on May 24 2018

Dear Visitors,

Some changes have been made to Simply James McAvoy for the upcoming EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. The changes are listed and explained below.

Privacy Policy
We now have our own Privacy Policy! We have always had a privacy policy through our host, but we have just added our own to fit our custom needs. The link has been displayed publicly in the Footer of the site. You can read the full Privacy Policy at the following link.

Cookies Policy
We now have a public link to what cookies we use and how we use them. If/when you fill out our contact form, we collect your name and email to reply back to you and address you properly. Simply James McAvoy also collects the number or visitor we receive. This is just for admins to see and let us know what reaches our audience better. No information you provide us is taken or given to anyone without notification and consent. You can read the full Cookies Policy on our privacy policy.

Gallery Cookies Toolbar

Written by marcie on June 05 2018

Since the new install of the latest Privacy Policy and Cookies Toolbar. Some people are having problems viewing the gallery please be aware that we have installed a cookies toolbar which if you don’t accept it. You will not be able to log in. After you accept it, you will not see it anymore and should be able to login as usual. Just wanted people to be aware since some having trouble. This is not meant to be trouble for you guys only to inform you of your rights and what we use on the site itself.

Gallery Notice

Written by marcie on June 25 2018

Due to a large influx of traffic I have had to close the gallery for registered members only. So if you would like to view photos please register just remember to accept the cookies bar on the bottom before logging in otherwise you will have trouble signing in. Thanks – Marcie

Gallery Revamp

Written by marcie on March 01 2022

Working on a small gallery revamp. I am currently working on the appearances section fixing dates and titles. I will also be adding photos for missing events. So the gallery might be in a little mess for a while least till I am done. I recently added missing posters from My Son, His Dark materials Season 2 and Together.

New Registration Process

Written by marcie on April 02 2022

Got a new registration process for the gallery cause people are downloading and its putting a strain on the site so to avoid that we are now requiring people to login. If you need an account send the information requested on the sidebar to our email. I’ll respond as soon as I receive your request. – Thanks Marcie

Site Updates

Written by marcie on April 16 2022

Updated the Awards page, full updated list of all the awards James has won so far. Fan Art Wallpaper section is now up, forgot to add it apparently. James Filmography is now up to date. Updated the credits page too. More site updates soon.

New layout

Written by marcie on March 14 2023

New layout for the first time in almost 2 years. It took a lot of work but its finally done. I think I cleaned most of the errors. So everything should work smoothly now. Also I added a few new photos from His Dark Materials. So you could view these in the gallery.





Filmography Update

Written by marcie on December 31 2023

I am changing out the old and bringing in the new. So the filmography section is getting updated. I already finished most of it. But the films are going to take a bit longer since there is 40 films to do. You can check out what I’ve done so far. Just go to the career section.

Site News

Written by marcie on February 10 2024

With upgrades comes glitches, we have transferred over to our new home. There may be some glitches here and there. I’ll try and fix what I can. Since I have 15 sites if I miss anything you can let me know right now the fan fiction site is offline. I’m trying to get the main sites up then fix the galleries as humanly possible. The gallery is up but there are some missing files from what I seen not many. This site is really huge so it took all day to get it up an running. More soon for you guys.

Site News

Written by marcie on February 14 2024

I believe I fixed the images that were missing if you come across something missing you can let me know. I know the fan fiction section is missing. Sadly the script is no longer updated so I don’t know if it will be coming back. For years, I’ve been wanting a new version, but the person maintaining the site give fan fiction writers false hope. If his supposed new version ever see the light of day. It may be back.

Lost Affiliates

Written by marcie on April 28 2024

If you were affiliated with our site, a plugin got corrupted and we had to remove it and lost all our affiliates. I’ll be re-adding the ones I lost soon. If you were an affiliate you can reapply by sending an email and your link. Thanks in advance.

New layout

Written by marcie on June 01 2024

New layout, gallery layout and also a new press archive. Hope you like the new additions to the site. I’ve also have many more plans for the site. More to come soon.

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