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James McAvoy’s Directorial Debut: California Schemin’

According to Deadline, X-Men alum James McAvoy has officially enlisted BAFTA nominee Samuel Bottomley (How to Have Sex) and Séamus McLean Ross (Outlander: Blood of My Blood) to portray the leading roles in his upcoming feature directorial debut, California Schemin’.

The project will center around the life of rap duo Silibil N’ Brains, Scottish artists who pretended to be Americans in order to secure a record deal. Bottomley is expected to play Billy Boyd while McLean Ross will take on Gavin Bain. In addition to directing, McAvoy will also joined the cast as a supporting character.

“I’m proud to make my directorial debut with a very Scottish meets Hollywood story, using Scottish talent both in front of and behind the camera,” McAvoy said in a statement. “California Schemin’ is a true story about friendship, rap and glorious failure that beggars belief and gives us the opportunity to do all of this. Archie Thomson’s rich adaptation of this remarkable story captivated me and will appeal to audiences worldwide, and Samuel Bottomley and Séamus McClean Ross are a very special couple of young actors who possess all of these attributes and more. I feel privileged to be telling this story with them on my debut feature.”

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Julianne Moore Joins James In Action Thriller Control

After nabbing a Golden Globe nomination for her turn in Todd Haynes’ May December, Julianne Moore has been tapped to star opposite James McAvoy in Control, an action thriller from StudioCanal and The Picture Company, on which we were first to report.

Based on the podcast from Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie, Control revolves around the troubled Dr. Conway (McAvoy), who wakes up one morning to the sound of a mysterious voice in his head. With his reality now in question, the voice makes a series of escalating demands he must follow or devastating consequences will unfold. While specifics haven’t been disclosed, we hear that Moore plays a pivotal character with which the doctor must contend.

Source: Yahoo News

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Speak No Evil Moves Back One Month

Speak No Evil is on the move, with Blumhouse and Universal pushing it to Sept. 13. It previously was slated for Aug. 9.

It will now go head-to-head with the animated Paramount feature Transformers One.

James McAvoy stars in the remake of the Danish psychological horror thriller Gaesterne. According to the logline, it is “about a family invited for a weekend at an idyllic country house-a dream holiday that warps into a snarled psychological nightmare.” Christian Tafdrup was behind the original movie, which was nominated for 11 Danish Film Awards, the country’s Oscars equivalent.

James Watkins, who helmed Eden Lake and The Woman in Black, wrote and directed the feature. He is also known for work on the mind-bending Netflix series Black Mirror.
Blumhouse’s Jason Blum is producing. Executive producers are Paul Ritchie, Tafdrup, Jacob Jarek and Bea Sequeira. Blumhouse, which recently completed its merger with James Wan’s Atomic Monster, is in theaters with The Swimming Pool.

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James Bitten on the set of Turn Up the Sun

James recently spoke on a podcast about the upcoming Turn Up the Sun in where he did and orgy scene where he was bitten and smashed his knee. Here’s a snippet from the article.

However, a saucy sex scene left James with a “smashed” knee while filming the on-screen orgy. He revealed: “I just did an improvised film which was shot in six days and it’s quite dark and sexual.

“The second last day of filming ended with about nine of us doing an orgy scene. An improvised f***** orgy scene.”

James, speaking on the Restless Natives podcast with Martin Compston and Gordon Smart, added: “It was hardcore dancing, everybody is on drugs, we had all drunk loads of whisky and there was loads of kissing, groping and disrobing.

“There’s this amazing Spanish actor called Almudena Amor and we had to go at it with each other. We had to be funny with it but properly go for it and we were both in the same headspace.”

He went on: “So we get to this improvised orgy and she’s bigger than me, she’s like 5ft 11in. At one point I was holding her upside down and we were doing some weird thing and somebody grabbed me on the back of the neck to start biting my neck.

“I just decked it and smashed my knee real hard on the ground. I think that’s the only time I’ve been injured making a film.”

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Speak No Evil

What is the ‘Speak No Evil’ about?
The original movie follows a Danish family who are invited to spend some time with a Dutch family they met on vacation. However, their perfect weekend in a remote area quickly turns out to be a dark adventure. It’s unknown how faithful to the original the remake will be.

Who has been cast in the ‘Speak No Evil’ remake?
So far, only McAvoy is attached to the project. The Scottish actor, known for his work in titles such as X-Men: First Class or Atonement, is no stranger to the genre, as he has appeared in thrillers such as It: Chapter 2, Glass and Split.

When is the ‘Speak No Evil’ remake coming out?
The Blumhouse production is set to have a theatrical release on August 9, 2024. Apart from Blum, Paul Ritchie, Christian Tafdrup, Jacob Jarek, and Bea Sequeira will serve as executive producers.

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Speak No Evil Release Date

New release date for Speak No Evil which comes in September. Per Deadline, Blumhouse and Universal’s Speak No Evil was originally intended to be released on August 9, 2024; however, the movie will now hit United States theaters on September 13, 2024.

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Filmography Complete

All Filmography is now complete. If anyone has information on some of the projects I didn’t add info to just email me. James plays were the hardest since there is hardly any info online.