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A Watch and a ‘Wee Vespa’: James McAvoy on His Favorite Gear

Some guys love power tools.. Other guys plunk down cash for the latest and greatest tech, or maybe some slick new adventure gear.. But James McAvoy is all about the classics. We chatted with the February Men’s Journal cover star. about his favorite gear behind the scenes at our cover shoot, and he picked out two all-time favorites: a vintage watch and a Vespa.

To be more precise, the watch is a 1950s Waltham, an American watchmaker founded in the 1850s in Massachusetts. As watches go, it’s a very adventurous brand: Waltham timepieces have accompanied explorers. on missions to the North and South Poles (Ernest Shackleton had one on his 1907 expedition), and they were used on board American military ships and planes throughout the 20th century. McAvoy’s model is a tiny one, but it certainly has a larger-than-life pedigree.

As for the Vespa, he used to have one and is starting to miss it. While he admits that an actual motorcycle. is definitely the better pick for tearing up a race track, the scooter has its own charms, too.

“I really do quite like zipping about on a wee Vespa,” he told Men’s Journal.

We can’t argue with that. Learn more about McAvoy’s prized possessions in the video above, and don’t miss our full profile. on him in the February issue of Men’s Journal, available on newsstands now.